The Banbury based RAW Motorsports team celebrated a second successive title in the Radical European Masters Championship at Jerez.


Marcelo Marateotto and Marco Cencetti took their Radical SR3 to a class win in the first of the weekend’s three races, but not before Cencetti had escaped damage free after contact on the opening lap. He led the class throughout his stint, and after taking over the lead car Marateotto was equally dominant to take the class win and third overall.
Team mates Manhal Allos and Alex Kapadia were second overall throughout in their SR8, “I lost time at the end of my opening stint, as the tyres had just gone,” said Kapadia. “It took me a few laps to settle and find the braking points as it was oversteering,” Allos added.
Jeremy & Ferguson also shared their Spyder RXC but were early retirements.


Allos led race two until the pitstop window, handing to Kapadia with Harrison in his wheeltracks. “I got a good start, there was a hole there so I put myself in it,” Allos explained. “I had big oversteer problems though and it got very lively,” he added. Kapadia still managed to hold onto second however, after McClughan retired.
Marateotto spent most of his opening stint stuck behind Booth’s Spyder, but Cencetti’s progress during the second half netted them third in class after he demoted Robinson six laps from home.
Jeremy Ferguson ran solo but severe brake problems caused a few spins and an early retirement again.


Having started the weekend with an outside chance of the Masters Class title. Allos and Kapadia were disappointed to go home without a win, but once again finished a solid second, after Kapadia took Wells exiting Turn 2 in the closing laps.”We just didn’t have enough pace this weekend, but can’t say why,” said Allos.
Cencetti also limped to the finish, I got hit and it damaged my front wheel so had to nurse it home,” he explained. But the Champions were crowned again, “I have to thank Marco but we both have to give thanks to Rob and the team for giving us the car that we could win the title with, again,” Marateotto enthused.
Andrew Ferguson also had a good start to the final race. “I went up the grass at the start and was sixth. I caught Corbett but couldn’t get by. The car was great and then I spun trying to get by, and again, and again, so brought it home in last place, but it was the best the car had been all weekend,” he said.