Manhal Allos had reigning Radical European Masters Champion Ross Kaiser alongside him for the rounds at Monza last weekend, standing in for regular partner Alex Kapadia.
Kaiser put their RAW Motorsports SR8 on pole for the first of the weekend’s races, looking for a podium finish for the Banbury based team.

From the start Kaiser was swamped by the straightline pace of the Jamie Constable and Mike Cantillon’s Spyders, but was back into second on lap two when Cantillon spun.
Andrew Ferguson held a solid seventh from the third lap, but lost out to Alain Costa before the pitstop window.
Kaiser was unable to challenge Constable for the overall lead, but when he pitted, Kaiser took over the lead for five laps, but was held up a little too, when Constable rejoined right in front of him.
Allos rejoined in fourth, but was elevated to third on the 24th lap after John Corbett received a stop go penalty. “Yes I am happy with that one,” said Allos after visiting the podium.
With Jeremy Ferguson taking over from Andrew for their second stint, he rejoined in seventh but soon lost out to James Littlejohn and settled in eighth,
In the SR3’s Marco Cencetti held the class lead throughout his stint, but Marcelo Marateotto rejoined behind Brian Caudwell, before James Winslow took them both, leaving Marateotto to take third.

Allos started the second race and after an initial challenge on Constable for fourth, he set about shaking off team mate Jeremy Ferguson.
Having retained fifth, Allos lost out to Jim Booth’s Spyder on lap seven, before Costa followed three laps later and Constable too just before the handover.
But for Ferguson it was an early retirement, when he broke the rear suspension rejoining the track after an off at Ascari on the third lap, having already served a drive through penalty.
With Kaiser in for Allos he was soon back up to seventh place, but much of the further progress came from others misfortune. Corbett expired and Booth was hit by a spinning Constable, so Kaiser was up to fourth. Then Costa went out on the last lap and it was suddenly third place and on the podium. “I only just managed to finish the race too, as the battery was almost flat,” said Allos.
But post-race scrutineering alleged the car was underweight and was excluded from the result.
Marateotto had also served a penalty for avoidable contact which left Cencetti on the back foot when he took over, leaving the reigning SR3 Champions down in sixth at the flag.

Kaiser took the first stint in the final race too and slotted into second behind Cantillon from the start. But as Constable came from the back of the grid, he ousted Andrew Ferguson on the second lap, but left him chasing Corbett for fourth,
Kaiser was powerless to respond when Constable surged by passed the pits on lap seven for second, but behind them Ferguson shot ahead of Corbett through the Parabolica, ran wide on the exit and Costa took them both, before hitting Ferguson at Ascari and leaving him to limp to the pits.
Kaiser stayed out until the end of the pitstop window and Allos emerged with a good lead, but Constable began to close before he spun and then Cantillon surged ahead into Parabolica, but went straight on and left Allos to take the win by over 21 secs from Corbett. “Whenever I was around Jamie and Mike I gave them space and kept my distance. The conditions were nice and it was all under control, despite getting a bit fraught at the end,” he concluded.
Ferguson re-emerged and still clawed his way back to fifth while in the SR3’s a terrific final stint from Cencetti had him on the tail of class leader Robinson for the last two laps, during which time Allos lapped them very carefully. But Robinson’s defence held and Cencetti/Marateotto had to settle for second.