The Monza weekend got off on a high for the RAW Motorsports team, when Andrew Ferguson put their Radical SR8 RSX on pole for the first of the weekends Radical European Masters races.

Race 1:
Ferguson made the best of the start too and led the field into the Rettifilo, before Jamie Constable’s SR8 swept by around the outside of the Curve Grande.

Having shaken off the attentions of third placed Jim Booth early into his stint, both Ferguson and Constable stayed out during a safety car intervention and pitted together as the green flag was waived.

With Andrew handing to Brother Jeremy for the second stint, they rejoined third, due to the extra time added to their stop after their Silverstone successes.

Jonathan Kennard was in for Constable and had begun to build a decisive lead, while Jeremy had to hunt down Booth for second. Having shadowed him for about six laps, which included a couple of aborted lunges, he finally made it through after they almost touched into Lesmo 1, with Booth’s slight mistake then proving costly.

The gap to Kennard was too much but with Booth falling back it was a solid second for the Ferguson boys.

Race 2:
For the first few laps in race two Booth and Jeremy Ferguson alternated for the lead, which allowed Kennard to close in.

Ferguson had retaken the advantage as they started lap four, but Booth crashed heavily on the approach to the Rettifilo.

Kennard’s threat became a successful challenge a lap later and he gradually increased his lead until the pitstop window opened.

Jeremy stayed out for another lap, before handing back to Andrew, but with Constable back in the lead car, the gap came to a very respectable 12.5 secs at the flag in a another secure second place.

Race 3:
It was Jeremy at the wheel again for the third and final race of the weekend, but with Booth absent it was a straight fight between Constable and Ferguson.

It was desperately close as the lights went out, side by side into the Rettifilo before Constable nosed in front and again through Curve Grande, with Constable just grabbing the slightest of advantages.

It remained close until the lappery started, which came to cost Jeremy dearly. Constable pitted first again and after Jeremy handed over to Andrew, they had the lead with Kennard chasing a third win.

Into the Parabolica for the 19th time Kennard was through, but four laps later Andrew was left heading for the pits and retirement from another secure second, after a stone had pierced their radiator.

One further outing remains in the Radical European Masters season, a visit to the Catalunya Grand Prix circuit at the end of October.