The RAW Experience

The RAW Experience

RAW Motorsports offers a multitude of experiences, from trackday coaching in your own car to the full RAW experience of a full test day in one of RAW Motorsports Radical sr3’s, so something for everyone, whether it’s for a gift, or for a real taste of what RAW Motorsports and a Radical can offer you!

Own car costs: (Trackday/Testday)

Group options
Total number of people Cost per person Total group cost
1 £300 £300
2 £175 £350
3 £150 £450
4 £125 £500

All costs are excluding VAT and are for tuition services only.

Additional Track Hire / Organising Club fee will apply and (depending on date & venue) travelling / subsistence costs may apply

The RAW Radical Experience

The cost of a day varies between approx £1750 to £2500 +VAT depending on date & venue and this can be shared between clients. Best number for quality & track time is between 2 people total, but more can be catered for if required.

This involves everything you can think of, fuel, the test day fee, car insurance, light snacks, and hot and cold drinks also available, so all you need to do is get yourself there!