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After a disappointing Fun Cup debut for John Caudwell and Dominik Jackson at Snetterton, the duo more than made it for it in an action packed trip for Thruxton.

After the morning qualifying session they were seventh quickest and first in the Masters Class. But in Fun Cup the grid is formed by lots and they drew third place out of the hat.

“The car is sorted now as it was way down on power. It’s handling too and a lot more competitive, but we still have a lot of work to do to be in with a chance,” said Caudwell.

John’s brother Brian was due to share the car, but a hand injury from a previous incident left him sidelined and so Jackson was called into action again. “It was an awesome experience slipstreaming here,” he added.

Caudwell took the first stint and made a terrific start to lead the first half lap, before going through Church side by side with Axiamatrics Chris Dovell, before 2Rent/Dominos Chris Hart had taken them both before the chicane.

“It was a novelty to lead the race, even if it was only on the first lap, but a great start,” he said.

Having slipped to seventh before the first safety car interlude, Caudwell lost a place at the chicane after the green flag, running wide after clattering the kerbs as he turned in.

He was one of the first to pit on lap 23, handing over to Jackson, completing the first hour in fifth overall.

Over the next 10 laps Jackson not only closed on the four cars ahead, but got in amongst them and by the 40th lap he was into the podium places and challenging for more.

Already into second as they head for the chicane five laps later, he made his challenge for the lead but UVio’s Fabio Randaccio was making no room and there was contact, but Jackson was still ahead on the exit, but heading a five car train.

It was three, four and almost five abreast up Woodham Hill on occasions and Jackson had spells alternating the lead with DespatchBay’s Marcus Clutton, until he made the second stop on lap 50 from first place.

“We had great pace and I really enjoyed it. We had some contact and I got squeezed a few times,” he explained.

But at half distance they were down to 15th, having lost two laps while the front bodywork was changed following the contact, and a stop go penalty for speeding in the pit lane.

In such a competitive field it proved impossible to make up the lost ground and they finally finished in 13th place, third in the Masters Class.

“We were maybe losing a bit of power again at the end, but a good day,” said Jackson. “That was definitely Fun, “Caudwell concluded.


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