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John Macleod joined Brother Alex and Paul Rivett at Silverstone, as the RAW Motorsports trio managed to equal their seasons best of eighth, in the penultimate round of this year’s Fun Cup.

With the grid drawn by lots, qualifying was irrelevant, so Alex Macleod elected to take the first stint from row nine of the 26 car grid.

Initially Alex had settled in 16th, but then started to lose a few places, before dropping out of the top 20. But after losing three more places he was caught up in a duel with Ryan Lewis’ Greensall car, as they both battled to stay in the top 20.

He was in 21st place when he pitted on lap 35, handing to John for the second stint. “I ran into the back of Lewis, I just couldn’t stop in time after we had swapped and changed a few times. He was quicker than me through Copse, but I thought I had seen a flag, backed off and got delayed overall,” Alex explained.

By the time the pitstops were completed, John was back up 18th and closing, but his charge to the next pitstop window brought them back up to 15th, with multiple Renault Clio UK Cup winner and now Truck Racer Paul Rivett to take the next stint. “I had a clean stint, we had a good stop too. I had settled in my pace so was fairly happy really,” John explained.

Rivett’s pace soon saw more gains and as the halfway mark at 2 hours was reached, they were up to 12th. Not surprisingly he stayed out to the end of the pitstop window, having climbed to seventh place before handing back to Alex for his second stint. “I didn’t manage to get a tow from anyone until the last lap, which was my best too,” Rivett explained.

It was early stop as Alex came in to hand to John, but he was still in 13thplace, as the field had spread out considerably. “I couldn’t stop smiling, we were laps apart but I managed to stay in the tow of the leaders. It was amazing fun, towing and swapping,” said Alex.

John continued in a similar vain and was tucked in behind leader Chris Hart, laps apart, but having a great time in 12th. Although the stops weren’t sequenced, he came in for the final stop in ninth place, handing to Rivett to bring the car home.

With the final stops all completed the trio looked to be heading for another top 10 finish, but with plenty of time still on the clock, just where in the top 10 was far from decided.

After 190 laps they were still 10th, with a fairly sizeable gap to ninth. But closing minute’s dramas followed after the sixth and seventh placed cars collided, with both cars out. So Rivett immediately gained two more places, to equal the seasons best of eighth at Anglesey in the last round.


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