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It was successful debut in the Sports Prototype Cup for Chris Short at Silverstone, with the RAW Motorsports driver securing a second place in the Revolution A-One.

After qualifying Short was fourth quickest in the Revolution Class and 10th overall, but was hoping to improve his position during the 30 minute race.

From the start he was already into second in class and sixth overall. “Yes it was a good start for me, I took to the outside as some of the cars in front seemed to be slow away,” he explained.

Once Graham Charman’s Juno had got ahead of Revolution class leader Bradley Ellis, Short had clear track to try and hunt down his rival.

As the race wore on he was unable to match Ellis’ pace and on lap six lost one place overall to Richard Chamberlain’s CTR01. “It was a pretty straight forward race for me, I didn’t lose any places in my class, and had no car problems at all, just clear tarmac.

With Charman hitting trouble, Short regained sixth overall, but more importantly retained second in class. “I couldn’t get anywhere near Ellis and no one was catching me still, so I spent my time getting used to the car, the extra power and the braking distances to what I have been used to,” he added.

It was another good strong start in race two, chasing Richard Wells for second in class. But when Wells spun on lap three, Short was into second in class and was soon closing in on class leader Sir Chris Hoy.

On lap seven they were almost side by side through Maggotts and Becketts and when they arrived at the Loop Short was ahead.

They continued nose to tail however and Hoy retook as they went along the Vale. It was still nose to tail and despite the changes, Short continued striving for another chance to pass, as he sought his first ever class win.

“Then I got a bit excited and as we came into Luffield on the eighth lap, I lost the rear end and spun into the gravel trap. I tried to get out and marshals tried to push me out too, but I was stuck and the cars are heavy. Up until then I had really enjoyed it, it was a real race too,” he concluded.

There was a consolation however as he set the fastest lap in his class in the race and is hoping to join the revolution Class again before the end of the year.


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